Standard Economy Fans

BROAN Compact Ventilation

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Remove air wherever needed with BROAN compact ventilation fans. Versatile, high quality ventilators at economy prices.

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Designed for installations where conventional ventilation simply won't fit. Where multi-family applications require it, the LoProfile fan is narrow enough to be installed in a wall between 2x4 studs. When plumbing or electrical obstructions are found behind the drywall in ceiling remodel applications, the LoProfile™ fan can still fit without having to move anything. And that means most any room with space constraints can have powerful, quiet efficient ventilation.

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EZ Fit Ventilation Fan

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Eliminate foggy mirrors, moisture and odors faster and more efficiently with the new ENERGY STAR® qualified EZ Fit Ventilation Fan. EZ Fit has been engineered for fast and easy installation and allows you to easily replace your existing fan without having to access your attic or replace any ducting in less than 40 minutes.

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