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Humidity & You: What To Do

I hope you’re doing well this week! With our temperatures rising, I wanted to touch on a seasonal topic: humidity in homes.

Humidity in your home shows up a few different ways, but here are some of the top clues that tell you when there’s too much humidity in your home:

One of the most common ways to tell when you have too much humidity in your home is when the smell of mildew is present. I’ve referred to it before as a sort of musty smell, which doesn’t seem to go away until we adjust our air exchanger or the humidity outside balances out.

When I look at the big window in my living room, I can tell when summer has truly hit because in the mornings, our window is covered with condensation. This is generally a simple fix, and we adjust our HVAC unit to help balance the air in our rooms affected. This can also happen in the winter- a surprise I discovered the winter after we bought our first home.

Another indication is there is mold on your windowsills and sometimes walls. You can clean it with over the counter products from your local hardware store in most cases, and then address the why next.

It sounds like a sixth sense almost, but most people can feel when the air has changed enough to create that “sticky” feeling. I can always tell when I’m in a place with too much humidity because of two things- my hair frizzes right away, and it feels like I’m walking through moist air. Never a great sensation, and awful when you want to style your hair.

So, you’ve noticed there is excess humidity in your home. How can you solve this without calling in the experts?

Check your air exchanger Have you made sure your air exchanger is optimized for the time of year we’re in? New Venmar series with Virtuo Air Technology™ have self-regulating capabilities so you don’t have to worry about what happens on a daily basis. If you’ve already looked at your air exchanger and the humidity persists, it might be time to call one of our techs to the scene for an inspection.

Use your bathroom fans This is really helpful when you’re about to take a shower- turn the bathroom fan on to ensure the condensation doesn’t build up in your bathroom.

Use a dehumidifier I have one in my home, too! Our basement gathers a lot of moisture year-round and having this on helps to take some of that out of our air.

Humidity still building up in your home? Windows full of condensation? It might be time to call in your local HVAC company (we might know a great one to call!) and have an expert assess your home.

Clearing the air,

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