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Air Exchangers: More to Know

I hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend! Let’s jump right in with this week and an expansion on this post about Air Exchangers. You’ve watched the video from Venmar, but we wanted to put into words some of the benefits of having an air exchanger (and why we recommend a Venmar unit for your home) and answer some common questions we get.

As a quick refresher, an air exchanger helps to remove the old, stale air that is trapped in our homes and replace it with the air from outside. Literally exchanging the air to keep us healthier- everyone always says fresh air is the best, and why wouldn’t that be true for your home too? Our homes are the most insulated they ever have been and with that comes the risk of trapping humidity (the condensation on your windows is a great sign that you have this issue) and pollutants in your home. Air exchangers help to reduce this.

When you choose your air exchanger for your home, you want to make sure that your Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is enough for your home to maintain great air flow. We have a range of air exchangers that can suit any size home.

Simply put, Venmar is the brand of choice for us. Manufactured in Quebec, Canada, they have exclusive technology that automatically balances and distributes the air to where it needs to go- even with the changing conditions we experience here in Nova Scotia.

This brings a peace of mind to you as a homeowner so you aren’t worried about making sure your air exchanger is balanced and working as efficiently as it can.

Venmar has only authorized a handful of dealers in Nova Scotia to install their equipment and we are grateful to have that certification. It’s important to make sure whoever is installing a specialty unit (one you can’t buy at a hardware store) has the training necessary to make sure it is installed correctly and is ready to work for you Day One.

Clearing the air,

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