Heat Pumps



Indoor units are placed in each room for individual heating and cooling.

Each indoor unit operates independently to enable individual temperature settings.

Air is sent through ducts from one central location to heat and cool all rooms.

All rooms are air conditioned uniformly at the same temperature settings.


Single Split System (Ductless)

Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling solutions are ideal for residential and commercial buildings that currently have non-ducted heating systems (radiator/hot water heating, electric heating/air conditioning, wood/gas-fired space heating, etc.) or where adding supplementary ductwork may prove too difficult or too costly.
Ductless products deliver heating and cooling comfort without the need of any ductwork. Our products are designed with a small footprint to maximize your space while their stylish design will blend seamlessly with any décor.
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Multi Split System (Ductless)

Experience efficient whole-home comfort with multi-zone systems that can address the comfort needs of everyone and every room in your home.

Concealed System (Ducted)

Ducted Central Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems are designed to provide whole home central heating or cooling at a constant temperature throughout the whole house. Ideal for installing in new homes or retrofitted into existing homes, it is the ideal cost-effective and energy efficient solution for year-round comfort. Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Central Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems are whisper quiet, and with only its grilles visible, it is the perfect unobtrusive solution for heating or cooling multiple rooms at the same time.

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