Commercial Projects

The Vuze

The Vuze is one of the most recognized apartment buildings in Downtown Halifax. During their redevelopment, we are renovating the entire ventilation system to make sure the building has proper air flow for all the future tenants.

Old Discovery Center

The new construction project on Barrington St. replacing the old Discovery Center building. We are installing ventilation systems in the new building. Providing fresh, clean air for their future tenants. 

Bedford West
MU 4 
MU 6 
MU 7 
bayers road apartments.jpg
The Vincent Coleman

The Vincent Coleman apartment building is an upscale apartment minutes from downtown. We installed the Ventilation systems in this building, when it was first built.

The pearl.jpg
The Pearl

The Pearl is a new luxury apartment building, located off of Grafton st. We installed all the Ventilation systems in this new amazing building. 

Velo 1

2300 Gottingen St. are new and modern apartments in the heart of Downtown Halifax. It is a green efficient building and we provided each unit with individual Ventilation systems to maximize the clean air in the whole building. 

Velo 2 -
Under Construction
Green Lantern

1585 Barrington St. is seeing a large re-development. We are responsible for providing/installing the ventilation systems in the building. Ensuring fresh clean air. 

Halifax Ferry Terminal